What are polycarbonate sheets used for?

There are many uses for polycarbonate sheets. They are known for being used in greenhouses, but they can also be used as patio covers, hurricane panels, conservatory roofing, cubicle dividers, skylights, exterior fencing (you must use the 2UV product for this application), and for a portico.

Are polycarbonate sheets strong?

The panels are virtually unbreakable. They have an impact strength 200 times greater than glass, 8 times greater than acrylic.

Is it safe to walk on polycarbonate sheets?

You should never put your full weight on a polycarbonate sheet. It is not meant to support body weight. And, it can be slippery. You should always be supported by the framing material if you need to be on the roof. Use stepladders or walk boards for support.

Can you drill through polycarbonate sheets?

Absolutely. In fact you are required to predrill your screw holes slightly larger than your screws to allow for contraction and expansion. You can use a power drill with standard high speed twist drills.

Does polycarbonate turn yellow?

Polycarbonate sheets to be used outside have a UV protection on them. This is what keeps the panels from yellowing or getting brittle. Some sheets will have UV protection on both sides for applications such as fencing. But, most polycarbonate sheets will only have the UV protection on one side and that side should be facing the sun.

How do you cut polycarbonate sheets?

You can cut polycarbonate sheets with a jig saw, table saw, circular saw or sabre saw. Do not remove the  protective film prior to cutting. If any shavings get into the channels from the cutting you can blow them out with compressed air.

Can you use polycarbonate sheets for a greenhouse?

Absolutely! There are many reasons for this. Most important of all is the strength of the greenhouse panels. The sheets even have a 10 year warranty against hail damage. The panels will give you much more insulation that a glass greenhouse. The only downfall is that the ribs in the sheets will allow you to see outdoors, but you will not have a clear view. I say that you will see a green leaf and a red flower in the greenhouse, but you won’t be able to make out if it is a poinsettia, a begonia, impatiens, etc.

What thickness of polycarbonate should I use for my greenhouse?

There are a couple of factors to decide this. What is your climate and how warm do you want to keep your greenhouse in the winter. 4mm polycarbonate normally serves for 4-7 years, 6mm 5-10 years, and 10mm more then 10 years. If you plan to heat greenhouse, we strongly suggest 10mm polycarbonate panels.

Do I need to seal the ends of polycarbonate sheets?

Yes! You should put breathing tape or UP profiles at the open cell sheets.

Can I use silicone on polycarbonate?

If you are using the polycarbonate profiles to connect your sheets there is really no need for silicone. You should never stiff fix your polycarbonate sheets. That being said if you need a little bead of silicone in a corner or some such application you should use 100% silicone that does not have a PVC base.


How to choose right polycarbonate and what is the difference? 

Polycarbonate is measured in its density, the bigger is density, the stronger it is.

4mm - p=550g/m2 ( 3-6 years)
6mm - p=850g/m2 ( 5-10 years)
6 mm Long-life – p=1300 g/m2 ( 10+ years)
10mm - p=1300g/m2 ( 10+ years)

What are the disadvantages of polycarbonate?

The main disadvantage of using polycarbonate sheets is the fact that you loose your clear view. The sheets on the exterior and interior are clear, but the ribs that run through between the greenhouse panels will distort your view. I always say that you can see a red flower and a green leaf, but you cannot make out if it is a poinsetta, begonia, impatiens, etc.

Do I install my sheets tight or do I allow room for contraction and expansion?

You absolutely allow for contraction and expansion. You should check with the manufacturer of the sheets.. 

Why is the film covering on my polycarbonate sheets?

The film is there for 2 reasons. It will protect the sheets in transit and while cutting. Also, one side will be marked showing that it is the UV protected side. That is the side you want to face the sun. Do not remove the protective film until you are installing each sheet.

If I have removed the protective covering is there any way that I can tell which is the UV protected side?

The best idea is to not remove the film until you have each sheet to the spot where it is going to be installed. Some manufacturers use a tint that can be seen with a black light. Some print their name on the edges of the sheets. If you can read the name you have the sheet in the proper orientation. If the sheet is upside down the name will be too. Still, the best practice is to not remove until you install.

Why shouldn’t I store my sheets in direct sunlight?

If you store your sheets in direct sunlight the protective film will melt into the sheet. It will become impossible to remove.

How do I clean my polycarbonate greenhouse?

Use a soft rag or sponge that is free of any debris that may scratch the sheets. Use a mild household detergent such as dawn dish washing liquid.

Which way do you run the flutes in a polycarbonate sheet?

Always run the sheets vertically. Always use one sheet the entire length that you need. Never try to splice pieces with a horizontal joint.

Is the breathing tape and UP profiles required for proper installation?

Yes, foil tape should be put underneath  the U’s at the tops of the sheets. Vent tape should be put under the U’s at the bottom of the sheets. But don’t worry, we provide them for free!

Are there special profiles to install polycarbonate sheets?

Yes, there are pieces to connect the sheets side by side. These come in several different configurations. There is a one part polycarbonate H, a polycarbonate base and cap and an aluminum base and cap. Also there is a U profile to put at the tops and bottoms of the sheets to close off the channels.

How do I store polycarbonate sheets?

Sheets should be stored in an area away from direct heat or light. Sloped stacking is the recommend method of storing, but you can stack the sheets up to 3′ high on a surface that is flat and supported.

 How long will steel frame serve? 

Our offered galvanized steel will serve for at least 15 years. It is galvanized, it will not rust, and as long it is on solid foundation, there will be no bending.

How to setup foundation? 

Easy, two most important thing you need to consider - level and attachment to the ground. 

Greenhouse always have to be on level ground, as well you need to attach it to the foundation it self, or to the ground, so wind can not lift it up.

I made an order, what's next?

Please wait for confirmation, in which you will have tracking number or date with time, when courier will arrive.

Should I help driver to unload? 

Of course, its good for your karma, and safe for your goods!

There is problem with package? 

Errors do happen, and we are obligated to fix them. But, you also have to mark it in your delivery papers, make photos and let courier know about this issue. Also contact us directly, so we can solve it! We always are on your side, and we will sort it out.