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ShelterLogic Run-In-Shed 6.7x7.3M

ShelterLogic Run-In-Shed 6.7x7.3M

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🌟 Discover our versatile Shelter - Perfect for Horses, Sheep, Cows, Donkeys, and More! 🐴🐑🐄🐴

🌆 Are you looking for a flexible accommodation for your animals or storage space for straw, hay, and machinery? Then our 49.6 m² Weidezelt is just what you need! 🏡

🛠️ With its outstanding features, this Weidezelt is the ideal solution for all your needs:

✅ Quick Setup and Teardown: Save time and energy with our easy-to-assemble and disassemble Weidezelt.

✅ High-Quality Materials: The UV-resistant and completely waterproof Polyethylene tarp reliably protects your animals and equipment from the elements.

✅ Durable Construction: The sturdy 6 cm premium-coated steel frame prevents rust formation and ensures a long lifespan.

✅ Safety First: Steel feet with protective caps at the corners prevent injuries to animals.

📦 What's included:

  • UV-resistant and waterproof Polyethylene tarp 
  • Premium-coated steel frame (6 cm)
  • 6 stakes (76 cm) for secure anchoring
  • 4 corner protection covers

📐 Technical Specifications:

  • Depth: approx. 7.30 m
  • Width: approx. 6.70 m
  • Height: approx. 3.80 m
  • Wall Height: approx. 1.85 m
  • Floor Area: 49.64 m²
  • Color: Green
  • Wall Material: Polyethylene tarp 
  • Frame Material: Coated Steel Frame (6.0 cm)

Upgrade your shelter with our Weidezelt today and enjoy the benefits of spaciousness, convenience, and adaptability! 🌈

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