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Tornadica Hand Cultivator

Tornadica Hand Cultivator

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TORNADICA hand cultivator and root puller is perhaps the most successful invention for tillage and large weeds removal. It is used in the garden, vegetable garden, greenhouse or on any other garden plot that you want to improve.
TORNADICA cultivator and root puller is used in the garden, vegetable garden, greenhouse, on any garden plot that you want to improve.
With this tool, you can easily:
  • Loosen the soil of any density;
  • Remove weeds of any size;
  • Evenly enrich the soil with oxygen and moisture;
  • Loosen soil at tree trunks areas;
  • Prepare a spot for planting your plants;
  • Cultivate and weed out an abandoned area.
TORNADICA cultivator allows you ease the load on your back. You will not feel tired anymore and will be able to work much more efficiently than with a shovel since you do not need to bend over. This is also very important for senior people and people with chronic back pain
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