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HP profiles

HP profiles

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A simple and inexpensive solution for joining polycarbonate sheets is the inseparable joining profile HP. With this profile, it is possible to create a seamless construction, as the panel joints are almost imperceptible. The grooves of the HP connection profile correspond to commonly used polycarbonate panel thicknesses – 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 16mm. Such profiles are mainly used for building roofs with small slopes and in vertical constructions (office partitions, lighting objects, advertising boards, etc.). When using profiles, polycarbonate sheets must be additionally attached to the construction frame with screws, the screws must be placed every 30 cm; it is recommended to use polycarbonate washers, because the profiles, connecting polycarbonate sheets to each other, also protect them from moisture and dust entering the sheet cells, but do not fix the plates to the structure. All connecting elements are available in the same colors as the polycarbonate sheets, which makes the construction aesthetically attractive.
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