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Polycarbonate 4mm

Polycarbonate 4mm

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Polycarbonate 4mm.

Polycarbonate sheets stand out with very high impact resistance even at low temperatures, mechanical strength. Due to its transparency, lightness, impact resistance and very good thermal conductivity, cellular polycarbonate is widely used in roof and wall constructions, greenhouse coatings, terrace and gazebo constructions, carport constructions, pool coverings and much more.


 From our experience , 4mm polycarbonate is good for 4-7 years. In comparison 6mm polycarbonate will last 5-12 years. 

If you are located in windy , snowy place, we strongly suggest choosing 6mm polycarbonate! 

Properties of cellular polycarbonate plates:
Good protection against UV rays and weathering;
The multi-layer structure provides excellent thermal insulation properties;
Hard, durable and lightweight;
Easy to machine;
Good optical transparency;
Does not burn with an open flame, but burns without releasing harmful substances;
Resistance to high temperatures (+120 C) and chemicals;
High impact resistance (hard to beat);
10-year guarantee for color fastness and weather resistance.



Technical parameters:

Thickness in mm: 4
Color: transparent
UV stabilized
Heat transfer coefficient W / m2C: 3.7
Approximate transparency: 85%
Resistance to temperature fluctuations: from -40 to + 120C

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